‘Hedgy’ by Christina Spooner

Downside Nursery - ‘Hedgy’ by Christina Spooner

Christina Spooner, one of our Downside Nursery School parents has published a beautiful new children’s book called ‘Hedgy’. 

Christina came to Downside Nursery on World Book Day, Thursday 7th March 2019, to read her new book to the children in both the Junior and the Senior rooms. The children were fascinated by the story and the messages of self confidence, teamwork and friendship that it promotes.

The story is about a little hedgehog called Hedgy who doesn't like his prickles (spikes). He wishes he looked like his friend Mole. 

One day something terrible happens and Hedgy with his wonderful prickly coat helps save the day. It’s a story for very young readers, promoting their self confidence and celebrating their individuality. ‘Hedgy’ is delightfully illustrated by the amazing Ian R Ward. 

Christina’s love of nature is really evident through her storytelling and the added hedgehog facts, which we were all keen to learn about. 

If you would like to order a copy (we have!), please use the link below;