Our Vision

Downside Nursery provides a warm, friendly and secure environment where each child is valued as an individual whose strengths, interests and needs are recognised and developed. Each child's development is encouraged through a combination of creative activity, play and structured learning which is guided by expert, committed and caring staff, working in close collaboration with parents.

The carefully planned activities and experiences we provide for the children are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and are designed to equip them as enquiring, confident and socially integrated young people well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our inclusive approach celebrates various different cultural festivals across the world, reflecting the cultural origins of the children attending the nursery; Chusoeuk (the Korean festival of the Harvest Moon), Diwali, Santa Lucia to name a few and of course our Christmas Tableau and Nativity celebrations, culminating in a musical production from the older children. The new year brings new life with, for example Chinese New Year and the Persian festival of Norooz.

The goal of developing the habit of a healthy lifestyle is important to us all and this is reflected in the curriculum and the range of activities planned for the children. As part of our healthy ethos, visits from the local dentist and doctor are a fun way of introducing topics in a real-life way. Eating together, during snack time and lunch time provides a great way of discussing the different ways in which we can keep our bodies healthy.

A very valuable and distinctive feature of the nursery is our secure extensive external grounds where the children explore and learn throughout the changing seasons; toboganning in the snow, harvesting herbs from our sensory garden and fruits and vegetables from our local allotment, the excitement of defending the castle and climbing the rigging, all offer the children a huge range of physical and imaginative opportunities.

The finale of the academic year brings together, parents, grandparents and extended family to join the children as they enjoy their sports day activities within the nursery grounds.

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