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Thank you so much for all you and your staff have done for O and our family. What a truly amazing place you ahve created. We have been honoured to be part of the Downside Nursery family and take with us friends for life, beautiful memories and lots of sadness to say goodbye. From E & Family x (2023)

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the nursery... You have created such a fantastic, nurturing environment at Downside - J is learning so much already and is amaazing me with the skills he's ;earnt - doing buttons, zips, socks and really wanting to learn. You have such a fantastic way of teaching them, you have even taught me how to look at things with a different perspective to teach J - he is absolutely loving being in the Senior room. I know he will continue to learn so much and be well prepared for school when it comes around in September and that's thanks to your fantastic caring & supportive staff. Love J & Family xxxx (2022)

Thank you for everything you do. I can't really express just how grateful we are for all that Downside has done for E. With all our love xxx

We cannot thank you enough for the fantastic start that you and the girls have given to O's nursery life. She enjoys and looks forward to seeing you all each week. O & Family xxx (2022)

Thank you so much for all you have done for Tom this term. He is really enjoying his time with you all and we are so happy with how he is growing. It is a wonderful environment that you provide and we wish you a very happy Christmas. Much love, T & Family x (2022)

Thank you for bing the highlight of our move to Cobham! Over the last year I have never been in any doubt that M has been in the best, most capable and kindest hands that he could possibly be in. He has absolutely adored his year - as have they all - which is testament to the incredibly special nursery you have created. I feel so lucky to have been (indirectly!) part of such a wonderful place. Huge thanks and lots of love. E & Family xx (2021)

Thank you so much, you are a little piece of magic! We are so grateful to have found you and your wonderful nursery, life just won't be the same without Downside in it. Thank you for all your lovel and support, not only to G & the boys but to us as a family. J & J & Family (2021)

Sticky fingers, runny noses. Head, shoulders, knees and toes-es! Shapes and colours, ABC's, taking turns and 1,2,3's. Lots of smiles, hugs and giggles, Circle time and lots of wiggles. Wooden blocks and dress up clothes, learning how a tadpole grows. We al want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will always remember you were there at the start. Thank you, love the class of 2021

This card isn't big enough so another is to follow! Thank you so much - it's hard to explain the influence Downside has had on S. She shings your songs, we play your games at homeand she comes home every day so proud at what she has learnt and siling from ear to ear. What a truly special place you have created. With all my heart I thank you for nurturing and caring for my most special girl... Continued... How do we begin to thank you properly? I find myself to be very emotional even thinking about S leaving Downside - it has been such a joyful and special experience for us all. You truly have such a gift, how you manage to always have boundless energy and such a sense of joy and engagement with the children in incredible. You really do understand them; why their treasures for the magic box mean so much, what they enjoy doing and how to have the most fun. I really will treasure the memories of this special time, remembering how much S has learnt, how her confidence has grown from a little girls who would only sing quietly to me in the bath (not even to her Dad), to standing up during the Christmas Performance for a solo. I wish you could be her teachers forever, truly. Every child that walks in is so excited to see you, tell you something special, hand up their coat and run in. That says such a lot about Downside and the brilliant care you take. Thank you very much for being our real life Mary Poppins! All our love and gratitude. (2020)

We wanted to say a big thank you for settling S in so well, you have all made us feel at ease during this process and reassured us during the time she is with you... and seeing her weekly photos they really mean so much - Thank you (2021)

Thank you for all the time, love and joy you have poured into our children (leavers 2021)

A huge thanks from the F family for such a wonderful year at Downside Nursery. You have created such a special place and we feel so lucky and honoured to have been able to be a part of it. I think I have enjoyed the experience almost as much as M - and that is saying someting! His French is amazing and my personal favourite moment was "the storming of the Bastille" a genius idea which made me smile all day. The Tour de Downside made his Dad smile all day!! THANK YOU what a wonderful year with amazing people. (2021)

You are our sunshine!! Thank you for everything, we all absolutely adore your wonderful nursery and will be forever grateful that we found you. You have give G and the boys the best start. (2021)

A note to say THANK YOU for everything you have done with M over the last two and a half years! From walking her into the Junior room each morning when she cried to the fantastic weekly French lessons you have put on - M has loved being with you and we are so grateful. She has such a passion for French which is all down to you. She loves to teach us at home her French numbers, the weather, heads, shoulders, knees and toes... and the list goes on. We are so pleased that we chose Downside and we look forward to S starting. (2021)

Where do we begin?! Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for fillling H's days with so much joy and laughter at Downside. Thank you for teaching him that he can be anything in this world and for providing such a haven of fun, kindness and happiness in your wonderful nursery. Thank you for providing us with such peace of mind that our little boy is in the very, very best of hands with you and your utterly fabulous team. We know H will never forget his time with you - thank you for being such an important part of his journey. Luckily... it's not goodbye, we will see you in January when I's Downside adventure begins - We can't wait! (2020)

This must be one of the hardest 'Thank You' notes I have ever had to write. Words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel for everything you have done for O (&D) over the years... You have gone above and beyond for us all every.single.day and with the biggest heart and warmest smile. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. FOREVER. (2020)

Words can not express what you mean to us. Thank you for your love and support over the years. (2020)

Dear Sophie & Team, It seems far too soon to be writing this note of thanks and farewell to you all. We feel so incredibly lucky that J has been part of the Downside Nursery Family, albeit for a short period of time. He has grown hugely in confidence he started and has been so very happy there with you all, each and every day. We are incredibly grateful of the unwaivering love and support you have shown, not only to him but to us as a family. (2020)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, kindness, patience and encouragement you have shown to J since his first day with you, we have loved being part of something so special and are truly blessed by your positive impact on our son. (2019)

... Thank you hugely for settling T into the Junior room at nursery and for making both him (and us) so welcome in these first few weeks. He already seems extremely happy and enthusiastic to attend the sessions and that is wonderful to see. Thank you for your reassurance and support through this nursery transition for us both. We look forward to the Autumn Term and more learning and fun! (2019)

Thank you so much for welcoming O so warmly this year, he has LOVED coming to the nursery and has clearely developed so much in such a short time. (2019)

...The transformation since starting at Downside Nursery is remarkable. B is so happy and excited in the mornings and has enjoyed every minute. You all do such a wonderful job. (2019)

THANK YOU! You are such an amazing team and we are so grateful for everything you have done for 'I' this year. Enjoy a well earned break. (2019)

Thank you for everything you have done for G, you have all been amazing and have helped him in building his confidence and learning. He will be taking many specal memories with him from his time with you and will miss all the staff and his friends. (2019)

We just wanted to say a huge heart felt thank you for all the happy years you and everyone there have given our boys. 
Everyone has been wonderful and I couldn’t think of anywhere and anyone else I would want to trust with my boys when I first let them out of my sight age 2.5 years.
You all helped them to grow so much, especially W!! I’ll never forget your patience, love and support to him (and us). 
You have such a great team. Downside is a wonderful nursery, the nurturing family feel you provide is priceless. 
Thank you. Best wishes to you all and see you soon xx (2019)

Firstly, thank you for such a fantastic Sports Day today. It was such a happy, well organised and fun event - I am sure there was a huge amount of planning that went in to it behind the scenes, and it really paid off as we had the most amazing time! The children evidently did too - there were smiling faces everywhere. Every aspect of it was so well thought through - and we really appreciated the glass of bubbly and the ice lollies at the end!

Secondly, I just want to thank all of you at Downside for helping to make H’s first term with you such a roaring success. The staff in the Junior room are total gems - they have our utmost respect and gratitude! The fact he’s only been there for 2 mornings a week for a term and yet has still built such a close relationship with the staff is testament to what a fantastic and nurturing team you all are. 

We are so thrilled that we made the choice that we did in sending him to Downside and can’t wait for the coming year. We have absolute confidence that he is in the most capable of hands with you all and will continue to flourish under your care.  

Have a wonderful (and relaxing!!) holiday - you all deserve it! (2019)

I just wanted to write to tell you how fortunate we feel that S has spent nearly 3 years at Downside Nursery. It's funny to think, as a first time mum, how worried I was letting S go all those years ago. Now, I'm so excited that S will be getting his share of the fun, love, care and learning soon too! 

Downside Nursery is so very, very special it's hard to describe to other parents outside sometimes. I've always felt that every child is cherished and treated as one of your own. The love that you have for raising these incredibly wonderful, unique children is so evident. S is like a different child from that shy little two year old. Her development has been remarkable and I know she will miss it so much - letter bingo, Tour de Downside, Playball, Music, making pizza - so many memories!! Thank you so very much. (2018)

To the wonderful team at Downside Nursery, My goodness girls, what do I say?! Where to start?! What an absolutely fantastic couple of years it has been. Your imagination, care, love, time, enthusiasm and effort are second to none. I couldn't have asked for more for O and for this we cannot thank you enough. We will remember this special time with you all forever,

Wishing you all every happiness for the future. With love, (& mischief!) always. (2018)

"Dear Krys, Sophie and the A-team, 

Indeed, what a wonderful year. We are so grateful for everything you've done for G. Not only have we been impressed by the endless reserves of creativity we've seen afresh each morning or the fact that by age three he was informing us about the laws of gravity... 
But more than all of that - and the excellent teaching that will have prepared him amply for school, we have appreciated the heart and soul that the whole team puts in: the genuine enthusiasm and love you carry for young children; the passion for your work that is tangible and bubbles over - and the respect, kindness and patience for little children. He has had the best start to his education that we could have dreamed of. Many, many thanks." (2016)

"Your influence on I has been transforming and you've played an incredibly large part in making him the confident, caring boy that he is turning into. He is settling into the structure, routine, discipline and long days of school life and I believe, that this is largely as a result of Downside's influence. 
Downside has clearly bridged the gap between pre-school and school as I has transitioned into school, after a six week summer holiday, without any fuss. 
Please keep up your good work. You have a nursery with an amazing atmosphere in which even the least confident child gains confidence. The nursery, as a result of you and your staff is a very nurturing, caring environment and it is clear, from seeing the nursery in action, just how much everyone loves the work that they are doing with the children - very rare qualities. Your enthusiasm for teaching children is so incredibly fresh. We feel blessed to have stumbled upon you."

Thank you so much for everything you have done for W. He has truly blossomed at Downside Nursery and we are so grateful for all your patience and perseverance with our shy little man. He has had a truly wonderful start. Downside Nursery is a VERY special place." (2015)

It's been an amazing 6 years! ...You have worked wonders with the children who are very blessed by their Downside Nursery start... Forever in our hearts (2018)

A big thank you for making J's start to school life so wonderful. All the staff are so obviously committed to the children and care for them very much. This is so evident by how much J wants to come to Downside Nursery every day!

Dear Krys and team, Just a quick note to congratulate you all on your recent OFSTED. It's such hard work; and as parents we value you all and our children are very lucky to be in such a happy, nurturing and thriving nursery. Enjoy your success! Regards and thanks.

Thank you so much for a fantastic year. T has loved it and has come on so much. I am so grateful for everything you've done and for your amazing positivity and energy. T loves running to you in the mornings and I am so grateful for the way you welcome him with your lovely smile and enthusiasm.

We feel so lucky to have found your wonderful nursery; a hub of happiness, exploration, adventure and discovery. W will miss you all so much & so will we. Thank you for giving W such a fantastic start to his learning journey; from the discovery of the 'pentagon', painting a kingfisher ... and dressing up as Joseph.

Thank you so much for all of the work you have done this year with both L & R. L especially has really gained confidence & now is ready for school - something we definitely attribute to Downside!

My daughter has just completed her first year at Downside and I am very impressed with the nursery. I have been kept informed of her progress and staff have encouraged her development. She has come home with work which she has shown us with pride.

"Both our boys thoroughly enjoyed their time at Downside, it was the perfect setting for them. Lots of outside play and excellent structure and discipline, preparing them ready for school.I feel the best asset of the nursery is it's staff, they really care and were all very approachable. I loved the nativity and the sports day and the things like the rides on the bus! ... We also loved the fact it made the most of the simple things in life like going on nature walks, tadpoles etc and although it isn't perhaps the all singing and dancing brand new facilities that some nurseries are but I'd choose Downside Nursery every time. 
We would highly recommend Downside to anyone, I always thought of it as a hidden gem!!"

"Her time at Downside nursery was exceptional in every way. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff were second to none and we feel very lucky to have gone to such an outstanding nursery. The skills she learnt at Downside nursery both academic and personal have made her transition to school with ease.

We can't thank all the staff enough for all their kind help and support."

Thank you for being such a calm influence on D, she has loved her time at Downside and is ready to tackle 'big school' and that is down to you guys... it is strange that I wont be doing the school run after 4 years! (2018)

A huge thank you for everything you have done for G this past year, the way you are so enthusiastic for learning really bring out the best in her, we can't thank you enough. (2018)

I just wanted to write to say thank you for all you have done for F this year. He has come to love being with you all and treats it like his second home. We have loved coming in everyday to our welcoming smile... I have seen such a transformation in him over the year. Thank you for being so absolutely wonderful. We will miss you dearly! (2018)

What can I say? You have been amazing, a total inspiration. Thank you so very much for taking care of A & J over the years. We are very lucky to have had you in our lives. We will miss you all. (2018)

Thank you so much for all that you have done for 'my boys'. They have both loved their time at Downside and we feel that you have priveded them with the best possible start. (2018)

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